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Individual Counseling

Dr. Coffey offers individual therapy for clients as young as 12 years old. She relishes this starting point because it is the critical time when people leave childhood and begin following their unique paths into adolescence and young adulthood.

Many of Dr. Coffey's clients in their 20s, 30s, and even in their 60s, were not encouraged to define and celebrate themselves while they were growing up. Instead, they grew up too fast, too conventionally, too reflexively, too forgotten about, too "pushed" to succeed, too under the influence of substances, or too wooed by the lure of earning lots of money or fame.

You are invited to step right up, to take colorful steps, as Dr. Coffey guides you in creating a life you love!


P.S. Although Dr. Coffey has a long history of specializing in working with children, for the time being, she is choosing not to work with individual child clients (under the age of 12) in her private practice.

When raising her first three children, Dr. Coffey experienced a desire to conserve her interaction-with-children energy for home. And so, not surprisingly, following the birth of her fourth child in the Fall of 2009, Dr. Coffey wants to conserve her "playing" energy for her young son.

Should you want to contact her for a referral to a therapist who works with children, do not hestitate to call her at (804)-305-2295 or, better yet, to e-mail her.

Couples Counseling

Dr. Coffey offers couples therapy for partners of all ages and sexual orientations. She is comfortable working with partners who may or may not be married, who are deciding whether they are well-suited as long-term partners, and with partners who might need to separate or end their relationship. Dr. Coffey encourages her clients to bring in their children for sessions to discuss a separation or a re-blending of their family.

As her clients, she expects you to be ready to express yourselves and explore anything that comes into the therapy room.

Work in Schools

Dr. Coffey has been working in Richmond schools as a drama therapist, co-director, or theater teacher since the Fall of 2002.

She has worked at Holton, Fox, and Ginter Park Elementary schools. Dr. Coffey has worked with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties at the (now dissolved) Thirteen Acres School, Charterhouse School (within United Methodist Family Services) and The Dooley School (within St. Joseph's Villa). Most recently, Dr. Coffey continues to teach Theater classes to 8th grade students at Sabot at Stony Point School as well as co-direct the school's Final Student-Created Production with her spouse, L. Bruce Coffey, Jr. diamond

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