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Guiding Principles

Dr. Coffey recognizes when you have ignored your soul’s inner wisdom for too long.

No matter what makes you feel like something is not quite right about your life, she specializes in helping you define what matters to you so you can be your best, authentic self in the world.

Dr. Coffey believes that in seeking counseling you will address the concerns of your day-to-day life, but you will learn to do so with a greater purpose in mind.

Annie Coffey champions your unspoken promise to evolve. She asks you to name your life goals and will journey with you as you commit yourself to reaching them.

Dr. Coffey encourages you to replenish yourself along the way. It will be up to you to maintain your life goals and, sometimes, to ask for help in remembering how you learned to embrace your authentic self. 

Annie Coffey honors the process of developing a therapeutic rapport with you. Once you are comfortable with her and she has gotten to know you, she excels at helping you make authentic choices. It is her mission to bring you closer to celebrating your own voice and vision in every session. diamond

About Dr. Coffey

Dr. Coffey has been at home working with people as an educator, clinical psychologist, and, most recently, as a Registered Drama Therapist (who thrives on Improvisation!) her entire adult life.

Since her first days of student-teaching Language Arts to elementary school-aged children in 1984, and her first year of co-facilitating art therapy groups to adolescent boys in 1988, Dr. Coffey has naturally incoporated art and poetry into her work with people.

In 2002, Dr. Coffey began her training to become a Registered Drama Therapist with Board Certified Trainers who built their training program not only around their love of Drama but also around their love of Art, Poetry, Music, and Movement.  

Over the next five years, while growing personally, professionally, and spiritually as a student, private practice practitioner, and human being, Dr. Coffey embraced her newest calling and became a Registered Drama Therapist in 2007.

Always someone who feels blessed that others find her approachable and trustworthy, Dr. Coffey admits that she is who she is today because of her trials and tribulations. She doesn’t want to be anyone else, to do anything else, or to live anywhere else ... yet. Maybe when her  young son leaves for college.

Dr. Coffey has LOVED her life’s journey -- ups and downs and all -- and wants either the same for you or to honor your New Beginnings.

The logo for Arts for Replenishment and Change is a series of vibrant, striving figures who celebrate being in this world.

It is Dr. Coffey's hope that clients will partake of her life philosophy: being authentic is essential to one's ability to grow and change. You are invited to contact Dr. Coffey to set up an appointment and to share your unique voice and vision. She will be there as you explore and then claim the colorful steps on the path you were meant to follow. diamond

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